Expert Orlando & Kissimmee Chiropractor and Medical Centers; is a network of highly professional health and wellness doctors representing the best in car injury care, including patient treatment, documents and follow-up. offering professional Personal Injury and Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Cold Laser Therapy and Trauma Rehabilitation Services for residents in Orlando, Kissimmee, and the surrounding Central Florida areas.
We know that there are many factors to consider when examining the extent of resulting injuries from a crash. These consist of automobile , automobile size, placement of head rest, whether restraints were worn, and numerous other variables that could affect the result of the accident.

When Car Accident takes place in Orlando lives are changed for good. In the split second, an automobile accident, personal Injury can cost people their jobs, their wellness and their foreseeable future. The phone number they make immediately after an accident can simply make all the difference. Doctors at Orlando Car Accident Injury Center can help accident victims get all the care they require to get them back on the road to recovery.

PR-054--SI---23_10_12-117At Orlando Car Accident Injury Center our objective is to offer comprehensive procedures that not only provide expanded care, but even more caring. We distinguish ourselves by offering better treatment method and rehab in a nurturing environment and a level of assistance that’s clearly above and beyond the conventional methods. We care for and regarding our patients, providing an exceptional array of services and tailored treatment– in a pleasant, soothing environment. Certain about our programs and impressed with our success, doctors frequently refer patients to Orlando Car accident Injury Center. Our goal is straightforward, yet unique: to make your path to recovery as fulfilling as your recovery itself. We’re an unique kind of outpatient  Injury and rehabilitation center. Accident traumas vary from minor scrapes to more major broken bones and injury. Some injuries are obvious, but soft tissue injuries are typically not noticed at the time period of the accident. Warning signs such as stiffness, pins and needles, tenderness, intense or chronic headaches, and even mild brain injury can appear days or weeks after the accident. Because there are a vast range of bodily injuries possible following an accident, it is essential to seek the most appropriate medical treatment related to your particular problem or condition. Orlando Chiropractor, Dr. David Nahali offers medical and chiropractic care to injured individuals. Particularly, Orlando Car Accident Injury Centers provide a broad selection of diagnostic and therapeutic services to assess, document, and treat patients who have been injured in vehicle related accidents. Improperly treated auto accident injury victims are more prone to long-term health problems such as premature osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. One study indicated a 600% chance of early osteoarthritis following car accident injuries if just one key finding was present on x-ray. Unfortunately, HMO doctors, your family medical physician and even your general chiropractor are likely unaware of all the complexities involved in this type of injury. The result is improper treatment that does not address the important structural and functional damage that has occurred as a result of the car accident induced injury. Several medical and scientific studies have proven chiropractic treatment to be superior at treating auto accident injuries or whiplash.  With decades of experience, Orlando Car Accident Injury Center has helped hundreds of people recover from their injuries and receive the compensation they deserved.